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Five Fingers Press is restructuring! We have suspended publication of the magazine while we consider various options. Woodland Editions, the chapbook project of Five Fingers Press, will continue publishing two to four books per year.

Since the mid-1980s, Five Fingers Press, a nonprofit organization, has published Five Fingers Review. The review published the best non-commercial writing by emerging and established writers from the United States and abroad, supporting a wide range of literary tastes and aesthetics.

Five Fingers Review was an annual journal, each issue approximately 200 pages and organized around a specific social or aesthetic theme. In the past the journal has presented the following themes:

The Neighborhood: Cadences of the Numerous; Skin; Gardens in the Urban Jungle, Darkness: Shade and Shadow; Uncanny Love.

The central theme was then interpreted by guest editors, who selected and introduced the work in their section. The editors were chosen for their originality as writers and editors, and for their dedication to literature and visual arts.

Writers we have published include Rafael Campo, Forrest Gander, Fanny Howe, Rosemarie and Keith Waldrop, C.D. Wright, Kathleen Fraser, Peter Gizzi, Lyn Hejinian, Nina Ishrenko, Denise Newman, Elizabeth Robinson, and Leslie Scalapino. Five Fingers Review played a major role in bringing translations of the modern Russian avant-garde to the United States.

Five Fingers Press also has a chapbook-publishing project under the logo of Woodland Editions. These 24-30 page books feature work by writers who are previously unpublished in book form and writers who have published only one book. Both poetry and short fiction are published in these hand-bound editions.


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