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Woodland Editions

the sun breathes us in &
we pass thru its gills a
detail in the wood grain
(door frame) where the first half we believe
& the second half believes us:
torso of the winter’s thin
layer on the surface of the
pond is heavy w/
the dream dreams of passing in
the sun’s mouth, no invitation
but present in all, to all &
now the glow on the steps
of assurance to know to where
one has descended & when one
will ascend
—Todd Melicker
From day collects

Woodland Editions

A publishing project of Five Fingers Press, Woodland Editions is a chapbook series started in 2005 that publishes work by new and emerging writers of both poetry and prose. Currently two types of writers are featured: writers previously unpublished in book form and writers who have published one book.

Each 16-24 page chapbook has a 51/2 x 81/2 inch format, Canson covers with flaps, decorative endsheets, and is hand-sewn. Each edition is limited to 100 copies.

Titles in the series include:

Teresa Carmody, Your Spiritual Suit of Armor by Katherine Anne
Tiff Dressen, Keeper
Susanne Dyckman, Counterweight
Jim Elledge, The Book of the Heart Taken by Love
Anne Heide, Residuum
Sabrina Orah Mark, Walter B’s Extraordinary Cousin Comes for a Visit
Todd Melicker, day collects
Vanessa Place, Figure from the Gates of Paradise
Frances Richards, Anarch
Jaime Robles, Appropriated Love
Brian Teare, Transcendental Grammar Crown

Woodland Editions has also published two monographs from the 2005 and 2006 Associate Writers and Writing Programs conferences. These two monographs, The Experimental Form and Issues of Accessibility and A Continuing Discussion: Experimental Forms and Accessibility, are transcripts of the panels by the same names. Panel members included Maxine Chernoff, Paul Hoover, Rusty Morrison, Jaime Robles, and Susanne Dyckman, moderator.

If you are interested in purchasing copies of the chapbooks or the monographs, contact editor Jaime Robles at jrobles at